Trails West 2015

A winning poster design for the annual music and arts festival in St. Joseph, Missouri

Trails West!® is an outdoor arts festival, hosted by the Allied Arts Council of Missouri, celebrating the unique cultural heritage of St. Joseph, Mo. Each year the festival holds a design competition to embody the year's theme. The theme for 2015 was heART for the City. I created the heART for the City illustration by examining the personality and history contained within the buildings and landmarks of St. Joseph. I chose a simplified hand-drawn quality to evoke the idea of each building and place. Through this style, I wanted to create the feeling that while these places and structures are important to the overall character of the city, what really matters is the people and memories we associate with them. This design was chosen from over 80 entries and was used to promote the festival on t-shirts, social media, mailers, and throughout the week during the festival.
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